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Spring 2016 – Week 4 Spotlight – Understanding Pain in Kiznaiver

kiznaiver-03-agata-falling-wind_in_hair-bored-sunset-light-pain-bruiseAfter three episodes, we understand that the Kizuna system is able to sense, quantify, transmit, and inflict pain in Kiznaiver.  Pain is the instrument used to connect and unite these seven unfamiliar classmates; it is the foundation for which to improve awareness, understanding, and sympathy within this fragmented society.  But what exactly is pain in Kiznaiver?  Or rather, given the broad and general meaning of pain, what type of pain are the characters dealing with?  Do the members involved in this experiment experience the same perception and reaction to pain?  And just how does this definition and understanding of pain influence the characters and story of this anime?  This post on the third episode of Kiznaiver attempts to better under the characterization and role of pain used in Kiznaiver.

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