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Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 23 (Finale)

After an immeasurable amount of loss, destruction, pain, and death, Luscinia readily backs down at the simplest idea of a young girl having dreams of a better world.  And with that, the wars have ceased, peace is realized, and the world can forget about its problems and work toward the future that everyone wants.  Seriously, why is it that anytime ‘hopes’ or ‘dreams’ or ‘I believe in you’ or any of that bullshit enter in at the end of an anime, nothing makes sense anymore and the story goes from respectable to ‘why the hell should I care anymore?’  Seriously, this is the ending they were aiming for?

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Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 12

Okay, so I was only joking in my previous post when I said I should call these ‘Late Exile’ but this is ridiculous.  Hell, late isn’t even appropriate anymore, I should just dub these ‘Last Week’s Exile’ but even that’s starting to feel like it’s not enough.  Geez, this is getting bad.  Real bad.  So let’s take a quick flashback to last week’s episode which was a flashback to the fated meeting of the entire cast of Last Exile ten years prior to the present timeline of Last Exile (which was last week but now this week).

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