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Magi – 16

magi-16-aladdin-alibaba-light-magic-forehead_mark-solomon's_wisdomConsidering how integral and fundamental magoi, djinn, or any magical concept is to the storyline and characters of Magi, one has to wonder how long magic has existed in these societies or even in this world.

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Magi – 1

The setting for Magi is a dream-come-true for anime fans like myself, a stone-structured Arabic metropolis nestled in some barren, sunbaked deserts and beleaguered with danger, magic, and adventure around every street corner.  For the characters residing in this world, however, it’s nothing more than a living hell.  It’s a society wherein class dictates your fate and (lack of) fortune and any challenge against this system is met with severe and crippling punishment.  Still, this doesn’t stop Alibaba and Aladdin from confronting the established society of Magi though their difference in power and knowledge lead to completely different results.

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