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Guilty Crown – 21

Seeing as Guilty Crown will reach its grand finale in the next episode, this is about the last time I can bring up a subject that has been present throughout Guilty Crown and irritated me throughout, too.  The constant biological theme in Guilty Crown, from naming conventions to story points, has been employed to link the magic of voids to real world concepts.  The problem here is that they’re using biological terms and ideas to explain plot holes and do so in an elegant way or use nomenclature in a nonsensical way.  Though I can understand how someone may be fine with such usage, especially in a story such as this, it feels like its bastardizing a science that is significant to me.

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Winter 2012 – Week 7 Anime Review

Well, this is a bit overdue but better late than never.  As like the previous seasons, after hitting the midseason point, the order of the anime in this post have been flipped meaning it starts with Rinne no Lagrange and ends with Another.  Though it isn’t much, it does change the perspective by putting the anime in a different order, at least for me if not anyone else.

This week: looking for a better word than ‘pirate’ for Mouretsu Pirates, something else you can do with your diary in Future Diary, and a growing problem with the cast of BRAVE10.

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Spring 2011 – Mid-Season Review

This is probably not the halfway point in the season for everyone but it is for me (and only because I’m making this post now).  With 12 anime taking up a majority of my free-time, it’s about time I update everyone on my thoughts and opinions regarding these shows, as well as provide a ranking because subjective information can potentially be confusing.  But first, some words on the Spring season, as a whole, thus far.

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Freezing – 9

There are too many flashbacks in Freezing and I feel that they’re beginning to subtract from the series rather than support it.

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