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Summer 2015 – Week 5 Anime Review

rokka_no_yuusha-05-chamo-bored-tired-frog_outfit-cattail-typhaWhenever Week 5 was: zombie behavior and possible social criticisms in Gakkou Gurashi, disappointment with the setting for Classroom Crisis, thoughts on the barrier in Rokka no Yuusha, and questions about the potential invasion of privacy with the cameras in Joukamachi no Dandelion.

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12 Days of Anime (2013) – Day 7 – Anime Away from Home

zetsuen_no_tempest-23-hakaze-bikini-swimsuit-pool-relaxing-water-light-boobsAlthough I have watched anime away from home prior to this experience, it was always a momentary event.  Whether it was watching an episode of Kare Kano in Italy in 2002 or bits and pieces of Nichijou while in Tokyo in 2012, I’ve experienced watching anime away from my computer or my TV.  However, prior to this year, it had always been just an episode or parts of an episode.  I also was not taking screenshots or blogging my thoughts on these episodes either.  So when presented with the challenge of moving away from home for 3 months, from August to October, I wondered how my habits of watching anime and blogging anime would be impacted.

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12 Days of Anime (2012) – Day 12 – 13 Hours in Tokyo

Today marks the return of the 12 Days of Anime, the series of posts recounting and detailing the twelve greatest moments, influences or events of the year in regards to my anime/manga life.  Over the next twelve days, ending on Christmas Day, I will have a special post documenting some exceptional and unforgettable thing that happened to me this year in hopes of sharing this cherished memory with you and adding a bit of personal touch that otherwise remains absent from this blog.  Be sure to check out the other blogs participating in this tradition and enjoy the fun and celebrations.

japan-2012_03-cherry_blossoms-imperial_gardensIn late 2011, my family was planning a vacation to Thailand, the first trip to Asia in my life.  During the planning stages, I took the initiative to see if we or I could spend some time in Japan either heading in or going home.  Since the Thailand portion of my trip was being paid for, I was informed that this excursion would need to be financed by myself but that I could leave a day early to fit it in.  With these circumstances in place, the only chance at visiting Japan was a 22-hour period between arriving from Bangkok and departing to Seattle.  It didn’t even take me a second to decide nor did I even look at the estimated bill; I leapt at the opportunity and this… this is my adventure:

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Going on Hiatus

Between now (March 12) and March 26, I’ll be taking a break from blogging and anime in general.  The reason for the pause is I will be busy finishing up my finals and immediately be going on an international vacation to Thailand and later, Japan.  For the duration of the trip, I will be away from my computer which means no anime and even less blogging.

However, while I won’t be actively blogging, I do have a number of posts that are scheduled to be published while I am away so there won’t be a two week gap here on my blog.  There won’t be any new episodic posts but I will be catching up on Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam and including a few other posts I’ve been meaning to finish up.

Hope you all have a wonderful time while I am away and enjoy anime and blogging and whatever else to their fullest.  I look forward to returning to blogging at the end of March.  Until then!

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