[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 6

If the black Midas money represents people’s futures, then does Q consume a tiny bit of someone’s future whenever she eats?  That certainly turns a cute routine into something slightly unnerving.  At least when Msyu eats, she’s just cute and not hurting anyone, directly or indirectly.

The sixth episode of C introduces two new philosophies about the Financial District and its effects on the real world.  We see both Jennifer (when did she become a comedic/fanservice character?) and Sennoza try to persuade Kimimaro, to follow the path they think he should follow.  Jennifer, who is concerned about Mikuni’s actions and his influence on Kimimaro, wants his help in destroying the Financial District in order to prevent further ramifications in the real world.  Sennoza sees another path in which to avoid all Deals, thus avoiding loses in the real world. His goal, which not involving Kimimaro but hopefully affecting him, involves taking on the burden of the debt that is paid to avoid those weekly mandatory battles.

Additionally, Mikuni returns to erase Kimimaro’s seemingly persistent ambivalence by dismissing Sennoza’s ideals with a reconfirmation of his own.  It should be no surprise that Kimimaro follows Mikuni’s principles.  After all, it is the philosophy of minimal winning and thus, minimal effects, that pulled Kimimaro into the guild.

However, what about Kimimaro’s philosophies of what should be done?  After all, he is not the same as these people who have taken an interest in him and his future, so there’s no reason for him to conform to these ideals.  After all, Kimimaro will find his own path on how to deal with the Financial District.  It was in this episode he realized he doesn’t want to lose whatever is close to him, specifically Msyu, the Asset he’s developing feelings for.  In order to save everything around him, Kimimaro battles simply to not lose.  Technically, his goal would fit under all the other philosophies.  It isn’t as grand as the others, which involve solving further problems, but it a philosophy nonetheless.

What will be significant is to see how Kimimaro’s philosophy changes in the latter half of the series.  You figure something will happen to cause him to discover a more perfect path, one that will solve the trouble for everyone, not just himself.  Whether that’s following the ideals of Jennifer, Sennoza, Mikuni, or someone else, Kimimaro will modify his outlook.  The series cannot maintain on his current philosophy, especially if something adverse happens to Mikuni, who seems to have an escalating role in supporting Japan’s economy.  For now, we’ve learned what Kimimaro wants, which certainly is a step up from his former attitudes of apathy and ambivalence.

None of the Assets appeared to impress me until this episode.  Of all the Assets, I think Karyuma, Sennoza’s angel-type one, is the most impressive and intimidating.  Its appearance is spectacular, from its immense size to its vivid use of several colors to the fine details decorating its figure.  You really do not see Assets like that, when most are these attractive demon girls, inorganic beings, or some type of animal.  The attacks were somewhat unimaginative (firing lasers), which is disappointing since we’ve seen some noteworthy, at least visually and symbolically, attacks in this series.  Maybe we’ll see more of Sennoza and Karyuma in the future, perhaps in a Deal with someone significant, depending on how the story progresses.  Hopefully we’ll see that titanic Asset again soon.

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  1. #1 by Sapphire Pyro on May 21, 2011 - 5:48 PM

    “Of all the Assets, I think Karyuma, Sennoza’s angel-type one, is the most impressive and intimidating.”
    = Q in berserk mode not intimidating? LOLz xD Or maybe she’s too cute that her freaky look is still cute, hahahahah!

    • #2 by avvesione on May 21, 2011 - 7:41 PM

      Hmmm… that’s true. Just from an visual perspective, I think Karyuma looks scarier than Q, due to the size and structure difference. But if you factor in attack power, then Q would be the most intimidating. It’s too bad we haven’t seen her fight in a Deal yet to see how powerful she really is but it’s only a question of time until we see her decimate some poor Asset.

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